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Design and Quality

Our systems are designed and manufactured to achieve the following.

  • The highest quality available.
  • The most efficient operation.
  • The most aesthetically pleasing.


Quality is achieved by Classicfabs operating a ‘Documented’ quality system based on ISO 9001. This includes design, compliance, and auditing systems.

Efficient Operation

We believe that our manifolds and systems are the most efficient available, for a number of reasons.

  • The manifold flange itself is a completely unique design, with specially designed tooling to enable it to be welded internally, with the internal rectangular ports the exact size of the cylinder head exhaust ports.
  • The collector that we use on all our systems, which is a unique ‘one piece’ unit, is fabricated again with specially designed tooling, which enables us to have all three outlets to enter it ‘in parallel’ , thereby producing what is called ‘Laminar’ Flow. (Limited turbulence) which is more efficient than other collection systems on offer.
  • All the bends are ‘Mandrel Bent’


All our systems, including any bespoke systems, are designed as roughly sketched ideas with dimensions. These initial designs are then converted to ‘Approved Designs’ using ‘Three dimensional’ Computer Aided Design. We use 3D ‘Solid Works’ modelling to confirm that the design we want will be :

  • The most pleasing.
  • The most efficient, for what we are trying to achieve.
  • And most importantly, we will be able to manufacture it from one piece of tubing from manifold to collector.

System Specification

  • Alternator or Dynamo Heat Shield with any manifold supplied. XK 150 supplied with two heat shields.
  • Top quality exhaust clamps.
  • All hangers and supports (Classicfabs own design of Resonator & Silencer support system), stronger than O.E.M. ©
  • Stainless Dipstick Bracket for E-Types.
  • Gaskets.
  • All tubing is bright polished as standard.
  • E-Type resonators are bright polished and reducer from 3” to 2” tubing has the welded joint ‘Blended In’ and is fitted with Classicfabs design of stronger support bracket. ©
  • All silencers have Classicfabs stronger support brackets, and are fitted with Classicfabs design of  ©‘Venturi’s to increase gas flow and assist with performance at lower revs.
  • All welding is by the T.I.G. method (No M.I.G. welding).
  • All bends are fully Mandrel bent. (No tube pressure bending.)
  • Classicfabs unique one piece collector for maximum gas flow efficiency. ©
  • All welds internally purged to prevent ‘Coking’ and to maintain unrestricted gas flow.
  • Carriage charge includes packing.

Exhaust Systems

The exhaust systems we make are designed and manufactured to the same high specification as our manifolds, and combined with our manifolds will give much improved performance to your engine.


To produce systems to the quality and performance that we do, comes at a price. Although our systems are slightly more expensive than other Classic Jaguar systems available, we hope you will understand the reasons for this.

We at Classicfabs are committed to continual improvement, and supplying the highest quality designed and manufactured systems, and service available anywhere in the world.

Check our feedback section for independent reviews.

For more details, availability and costs please contact Jimmy Stewart on  44 (0) 7826 067097 or email us here