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Australian Customers

For all our customers in Australia we can now offer the following Manifolds and systems for

E-Type / XK / MK1&2 Owners

Through our agents in Australia owned by Gavin King, Concours Sportscar Restoration:

By creating a partnership between Classicfabs in Scotland and Concours Sportscar Restoration in Australia and arranging a ‘bulk’ shipment we are able to keep these quality systems at an affordable cost that is not also pushed up greatly by individual shipping costs.

Systems on offer include:

1) E-Type Owners who specifically want to keep their Cast Manifolds (Series 1, 1.5 & 2)

For owners who want keep the ‘Original’ look of the Cast Manifolds under the bonnet, why not enhance the sound of your E-type, the rear end looks and performance by fitting a Classicfabs 2” Big Bore Straight Through system.

We have also improved the original muffler mounts, the resonator mounts and the resonators have the welded parts polished out.

This straight through system is also available in standard 1.3/4”

The system comes polished as standard throughout.

2) Classicfabs E-Type Long Manifold (Series 1, 1.5 & 2)

This system is our best-selling system with both enhanced performance (even for stock engines) and our unique Classicfabs sound.

The options are either our standard polished manifold or brushed finish to enable ‘jet / ceramic coating’.

3) Classicfabs E-Type Short Manifold System (Series 1, 1.5 & 2)

Again a great looking and quality engineered manifold for those wanting the close up aesthetics of a good looking manifold to enhance the under bonnet looks of your engine bay.

This also gives a slight improvement to the performance of your car and when combined with our straight through system our unique sound.

XK 120, 140 & 150 Systems

For XK owners we also have our quality designed and individually made systems for all XK models.

These come in the following options:

  1. All cars can be fitted with our Short Manifold design manifold as a replacement for your Cast Manifolds, combined with our individually ‘handmade’ straight through mufflers.
  2. All cars can be fitted with our individually made systems to fit to your existing Cast Manifolds.
  3. Can be supplied in either 2” straight through ‘big bore’ or in standard 1.3/4”.
  4. XK Long Manifolds for performance engines on uprated XK140 and XK150 cars.

Series 3 V12 E-Type

Classicfabs now have an uprated complete exhaust system for the E-Type series 3.

This has been developed to create both an enhanced sound from the V12 (but still driveable on long journeys) and a performance enhancement of around 50+ H.P. with improved torque.

It is a unique four pipe system that has had great reviews and feedback from customers in the U.K. and Europe.

MK1 / MK2 / (XJ6 Manifold Only)

The Classicfabs unique design of Long Manifold and straight through exhaust system for your MK1 or MK2 gives its own sound at around 108Db with a definite performance enhancement.

There is also an option of an additional rear box to bring the sound level down to around 100Db.

All Systems Notes

  1. All systems come complete with all gaskets, clamps and mountings.
  2. All systems come fitted with our unique Venturis fitted for additional performance enhancement.
  3. All our systems are individually made on its respective engine and components ‘jigs’ to ensure ease of install.
  4. All our straight through systems can be made in 1.3/4” tube as well as our standard 2”.
  5. Special requests for XKE 2+2 systems.
  6. Series 2 systems can be offered with series 1 tail pipes. (Same cost).
  7. XKE & XK Manifold systems come with Dynamo or Alternator heat shield and Stainless Steel dipstick bracket. (No dipstick bracket for XK cars).
  8. 4.2 systems late blocks need clarification on:
    1. The type of engine block cast webbing at base at sump.
    2. Whether it has an XJ6 engine mount ‘Casting’ on block.
  9. XK 120 systems are for SE Type (Twin tail pipe only).
  10. XK Systems are for Manual gearbox only. (Automatic special request).
  11. All systems are based on standard cars with NO modifications to suspension, engine mountings, after market gearboxes etc.

Optional Extras

1) Fluid Cylinder Heat Protection

For added heat protection for the Top Frame and hydraulic master cylinders on XKEs we have designed and engineered a top quality insulated Top Frame heat shield.

This protects both the Top Frame and Fluid Master cylinders on this side of the XKE / E-Type from excessive heat transfer from the engine and exhaust.

2) Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Studs, Nuts & Spring Washers.

3) FIA manifolds with larger diameter primary pipes combined with larger bore exhaust systems can also be supplied.

Classicfabs have other combinations of Manifolds and systems for performance Jaguar XK engines and other XK engine cars.

Contact Classicfabs or Concours Sportscar Restoration in Tuggerah to confirm their stock list.

The recent improvement in the Aus.$ to £ exchange rate over the last two years make these quality systems even more affordable.